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13 October 2008 @ 05:56 pm
Company Man  
God, this is just a nightmare I can't wake up from.

My father is going to work for ConTech.

Let me give you a minute to process that before I continue.

He had a meeting earlier today with Jacqueline Barrett and she offered him the Head of Security position. It's a fantastic step up from where he's working now, and he'd be crazy not to take it. So I told him everything.

He said I was being paranoid, and maybe we should see about getting me some help. He was angry that I hadn't told him about it before. He said he'd done his homework, and ConTech was a fine company.

My own father doesn't believe me. My so called "brother" and "sister" wouldn't back me up. My mom talked to me like I was five and basically called me crazy. (She didn't outright say it, but it's what she meant.)

I know what this is. They're going after my family. I won't shut down the community, I won't apologize for shit and they don't have grounds for legal action, so they're trying to get some control over me.

It's not going to happen. If ConTech wants to push me, I'll fight back. I'm not scared of them.
Current Music: "It Ends Tonight" All-American Rejects